AHA thoughts – DGS

In late October, 2016 (just prior to granddaughter Jessie’s wedding day) Don spent a few minutes with Steve. During that time together, Don shared a few “AHA” moments. Among the nuggets are:

  • Foster friendships – they are so valuable throughout a lifetime
  • Make someone’s dreams come true (Hawaii trip was a dream of Wilma’s)
  • Give up vices (smoking was everywhere and possibly resulted in wife Charlotte’s death from lung cancer)
  • Enjoy travel – Don and Charlotte loved their trips to Mexico
  • Both marriages were happy, fulfilling (and tragically ending)
  • Don took pleasure in the fact that he contributed to the happiness of two women
  • It’s good to recall the good times; don’t dwell on the bad times

Edited audio of the discussion is HERE (in several places you can catch the emotion in Don’s storytelling…)